Farrakhan Speaks at Islam Banquet & Conference: Why We Should Control The Education Of Our Children

AUGUST 14-15, 1992: The second annual Muhammad University of Islam Banquet and Conference held in Chicago. Minister Farrakhan spoke on the theme: “Why We Should Control The Education Of Our Children.” “We cannot have power without knowledge. Power is the ability to remove impediments in the way of what we want to do,” Min: Farrakhan told 800 people in the ballroom of the Chicago Hilton and Towers Hotel. Plates were $100 to raise funds for a school which featured four students in “Who’s Who among American High School Students.” The event opened with a performance by noted violinist, Noel Pointer. Present were Chicago [school] board president, Florence Cox, Educator Hannibal Afrik, Rev. Maxine Walker, Chicago State University Professor Kitty Kidd Robinson, Father Michael Pfleger, former Mayor Eugene Sawyer, Aldermen Dorothy Tillman, Danny Davis, Allen Streeter, Robert Shaw, and funeral home owner. Spencer Leak. Black psychologists Nathan and Julia Hare spoke at workshops discussing controlling and developing the minds of Black children, and Minister and psychologist Ahvay Muhammad; gave a presentation on Black identity and its relationship to academic achievement in Black students.


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