Minister Farrakhan, Libya and American Foreign Policy Goes Way Back

The Minister is really speaking truth today. Absolutely powerful. Check out this entry from my book and get a free electronic copy. See banner ad to right. We must know the truth!

March 16, 1986: Minister Farrakhan was guided to address the Second World Mathabah Conference of Third World revolutionaries in Tripoli, Libya, to introduce Colonel Muammar Ghadafi. “FromTripoli, speaking before the representatives of approximately 80 nations, I told the vision publicly, sending back to theUnited States a warning to President Reagan and Secretary of State George Schultz,” recalled Min. Farrakhan.

The leader warned the Libyan government of Reagan’s “secret” planned war. “In the Name of Allah, I warn President Reagan of the folly and the extreme danger of this course of action for it will ultimately lead to a wider war—World War III—which is destined to reduce America, Europe and Russia and most of the world to a state of total ruin,” said Min. Farrakhan. (Farrakhan made the trip despite and Executive Order by Pres. Reagan effective Feb. 1, 1986, which banned travel to Libya). (See Feb. 5, 1986).


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