Minister Farrakhan highlights Dopebusters during Millions in Harlem Speech

Here’s a little background on the Dopebusters.

June 16, 1988: The Nation of Islam Dopebusters Program first established as a drug treatment program housed at the Washington D.C. Mayfair Mansion Apartments, adopted a special patrol of the community to keep it drug free.

The Dopebusters Program received national recognition and acclaim when Mrs. Bush presented the program with a special citation for its efforts in the war on drugs. The Dopebusters Program later evolved into N.O.I. Security Agency and opened chapters and franchises around the country. With not even a penny from federal or local officials, Minister Alim Muhammad, Captain William Muhammad and the Dopebusters of Muhammad’s Mosque No.4, transformed two projects; Mayfair Mansions and Paradise Manor into drug and crime free zones, reported The Final Call on this day.

December 13, 1988: The Muslim leader made an announcement during a press conference held in the recreation center of the Mayfair Mansions apartments, urging the government to fund the new “Dopebusters” drug treatment program. “We are calling this press conference to announce the presence of a drug abuse clinic and program to aid us in utilizing the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad to help solve the problem of drug abuse among our people,” said the Minister.

January 7, 1989: Dopebusters, after continued success, move into a Baltimore Black neighborhood.


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