May Allah be Pleased with Geronimo Pratt

Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt, flanked by his lawyer Johnnie Cochran Jr., left, and daughter, Shona, wipes his brow as he faces reporters after he was released on bail in Santa Ana, CA in this June 10,1997 file photo. Pratt, a former Black Panther Party leader who spent 27 years in prison on a murder conviction that was later overturned, died Thursday June 2, 2011 according to attorney Stuart Hanlon. He was 63. (AP Photo/Nick Ut, File)

On June 2, former Black Panther Party leader Elmer ‘Geronimo’ Pratt” died at age 63 in a small Tanzania village “where he had lived for at least half a decade, a friend of Pratt’s in Arusha, former Black Panther Pete O’Neal,  said. For full story, check out AP.

While writing for The Final Call, I had the pleasure of interviewing Pratt soon after his release from prison. He was an incredible brother, who despite his false conviction and 27 year confinement, still remained committed to the ideals of freedom, justice and equality.


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