Scientist Agree With Honorable Elijah Muhammad Who Said a Long Time Ago That a Scientist Blew Up the Moon Using High Explosives

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is due forever, taught him that the Moon used to be part of the Earth. He said if you could go there, you’d smell gunpowder. He said this BEFORE Neil Armstrong and his crew reached the moon. And now someone is leaking the truth out. An new article on AOL news states:

You can’t breathe on the moon, but now you can smell it. A Scottish printmaker has released a series of works that publicize a fact known to astronauts for decades: The moon smells like gunpowder.

Paraphrasing, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad said, the Moon was made by a Black man who drilled a tube into the Earth’s surface. When he reached the center, he filled it with high explosives that was 30 per cent more powerful than the present dynamite. Then he set it off. The explosion blasted away a piece of our then-Earth, which according to the Moon’s diameter is approximately 2,160 miles or about one-third the size of our planet Earth.  After the Moon was blasted away from the Earth, to the distance of approximately 12,000 miles, she turned over and emptied the water on this part which we call Earth.

This type of Supreme Wisdom taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is one of the many reasons so many people believe he was taught by God in the Person Master Fard Muhammad.  You cannot guess things such as this. The U.S. government had to build a ship and fly to the moon to discover what a Black man with a 3rd grade education taught for years.

NASA has known since the 1970s about the gunpowder-like odor of Earth’s natural satellite.

For details, read the book entitled Flag of Islam, written by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

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5 Responses to Scientist Agree With Honorable Elijah Muhammad Who Said a Long Time Ago That a Scientist Blew Up the Moon Using High Explosives

  1. Alim Rasul says:

    No one can no longer say that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was crazy or made up a mythology, all the things which he taught are being verified and made manifest before our very eyes. I thank Allah for raising up this man from amongst us.

  2. D. M. Shabazz says:

    True and very true!

  3. evandro medina says:

    all of them know, and nowaday they more, thath they con’t play whith FARD’S profecy and story we have accesse by him and his messenger’s. what do western know about it???
    whath do they have chure??? if they have it whi don´t thei prove it to the wrold??? thei know thath whath we learn by nation of islam is all truee!!! evan about their origin and existence.

  4. Mic Don says:

    I cant thank Allah enough for allowing me to have enough incite to understand this man, even through all of the slander and deception. ALL praises Due!

  5. In time, truth is always revealed .. such is the way of Allah!

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