Tell us about your Million Man March experience!

Long Live the Spirit of the Million Man March

Million Man March

Yoke Mc / Joacim Osterstam

On Monday, October 16, 1995 the Million Man March was held in Washington, DC. under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Black men (African American) men from across the United States converged on Washington to convey to the world a vastly different picture of the Black male and to unite in self-help and self-defense against economic and social ills plaguing the Black community. It was a day of absence, atonement and personal responsibility.

In what the Minister would later describe as a glimpse of heaven, nearly two million men (and a few women) attend the march, exceeding everybody’s expectations. There are no reports of incidence as the men take a day without smoking, drinking or disrespecting each other.

Where you at the Million Man March?

Were you inspired by the Million Man March? Post a comment.
All socio-political-religious differences are irrelevant as Black men from all classes express communal brotherly love. The world saw Black men from a different perspective following the March’s success. During the Minister’s lecture he defined the motivating factors of why he called the march and he defined atonement, explained where it is in the scriptures of the Bible, and gave and eight stage process that leads to atonement. At the end of the lecture he led the men in a pledge to improve the community.

This is an excerpt from this historic ‘speech at the mall in Washington, D.C.

“We’re talking about moving toward a perfect union. Pointing out fault, pointing out our wrongs is the first step.

The second step is to acknowledge. … To acknowledge means to admit the existence, the reality or the truth of some reality. …

The third step is that after you know you’re wrong and you acknowledge it to yourself, who else knows it except you confess it. … What happens after confession?

There must be repentance. (fourth) When you repent, you feel remorse or condition or shame for the past conduct which was wrong and is wrong and sinful. It means to feel contrition or self-reproach for what one has done or failed to do. … But, atonement means satisfaction or reparation for a wrong or injury. It means to make amends. It means penance, expiation, compensation and recompense made or done for an injury or wrong. So, atonement means we must be willing to do something in expiation of our sins. … If we make atonement it leads to the sixth stage.

And the sixth stage is forgiveness. … Forgiveness means to grant pardon for, or remission of, an offense or sin. It is to absolve, to clear, to exonerate and to liberate. …

Ands then, that leads to the seventh stage. … The seventh tone, the leading tone that leads to the perfect union with God is reconciliation and restoration because after forgiveness, now we are going to be restored to what? To our original position. …

And so, the eight stage is a perfect union with God.

All of these eight steps take place in a process called time. And whenever a nation is involved in sin to the point that God intends to judge and destroy that nation, He always sends someone to make that nation or people to know their sins, to reflect on it, to acknowledge, to confess, to repent and to atone that they might find forgiveness with God. America, oh America. This great city of Washington is like Jerusalem. And the Bible says ‘Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem, you that stoneth and killeth the prophets of God.'”


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5 Responses to Tell us about your Million Man March experience!

  1. Monday Oct.16, 1995
    Secretarial Staff member at the time. The largest public collection in the history of the world was taken on that mall. We just did not have enough personnel and proper materials to verify that all money bags would be safely returned to central control on the mall. We had to work with what we had and trust in Allah. The money bags themselves were passed from one unknown Blackman to another until they reached the F.O.I.’s assigned area. Those F.O.I. then returned with the bags to the established mall central control. Later on that evening, a non-registered Brother came to the Hotel and turned over a bag that had not made it back with thousands of dollars in content intact. Some years later I heard that it took multiple days to both count and verify the amount of money collected on the mall and not one of the counters was allowed to leave until it was completed.

  2. Glenn Towery says:

    The Million Man March changed my life and my perspective of life in so many ways. I guess the first thing that happened to me was the pride that I had never really felt before as I saw so many brothers from all over the world come together and atone as one before God. The second thing that happened to me was a tremendous commitment to the betterment of my culture. I learned what a great and noble people we were because the evidence lay right before my eyes. I had a perfect position to observe the crowd because I was on the podium where the videographers were located. From there I could see an ocean of men, all black, humble and ready for change. The third and possibly most important part that happenned was a heithened capacity to care and to love. I discovered that not only did that capacity apply to my own Black people but to all people throughout the world. My capacity to care was reawakened and it was as though God himself was inside of me.

    I took the pledge there with my brothers that day and I meant every word of it. Once I returned home I was tested in so many ways. One way was when my sons mother fell ill and he had no other place to turn but to me for support. I embraced my child and brought him into my world and he remained living with me until he was grown.

    The Million Man March came with a tremendous feeling of love, peace and harmony. We must return that feeling to our generations who no not what it was all about. Truly October 16, is a Holy Day of Atonement and I will observe it by fasting and prayer. I urge all people to learn about the Million Man March. In my humble opinion, the pledge should be administered every Holy Day of Atonement and we as men, women and children should take it. It is a pledge fit for all people no matter who they may be.

    I am now trying to live by the code of honor and the right conditions set forth in the pledge that I took 15 years ago. I have formed my own company and am striving to create culturally enriching productions for African Americans and the world. I will continue to so as long as God gives me another day on Earth.

    Thank you Minister Farrakahn for being a conduit to God that allowed such a magnificent idea as the Million Man March to come through your person into fruition. Thank you Benjamin Chavis and all of the organizers, planners and conveners of the Million Man March.

    To purchase a DVD of the documentary on the Million Man March I directed 15 years ago entitled: “Long Live The Spirit”
    visit my website:

    To learn more about my production company and other culturally related projects that I have made available (Cultural Pride Series #1)


    To rent a download of the film “Long Live The Spirit”

    And finally to purchase the film as a download go to:
    (Search for “Long Live The Spirit”)
    By Glenn Towery

    May God Continue to bless you all.

    Long Live The Spirit of the Million Man March!


    Glenn Towery

    • Wow! Brother, thank you for that testimony! I looked at the pics on your site from the Million Man March and would you believe that I am IN one of the pictures!

      Also, I may use your comments in my article about the Million Man March for The Final Call. I would like to interview you for a possible article about your DVD

      • Glenn Towery says:

        Dear Mr. Toure Muhammad,

        I will make myself available to do an interview with you anytime you would like to do one.
        Starting this Monday, October 11, 2010 an interview will appear on the website. I was interviewed by radio personality Lee Bailey a few weeks ago and he intends to post the interview during the week leading up to the 15th anniversary of the Million Man March on his website. Mr. Toure Muhammad I would be pleased and honored to be interviewed by you.
        Just email me at: to set it up.

        Link To Kam Williams Review of “Long Live The Spirit”

        Thanks again my brother,

        Glenn Towery

  3. HooDatIS? says:


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