Self-Improvement: The Basis For Community Development

September 21, 1986
September often seems to be a month of great progress and change in the Nation of Islam. I am focused on posting historical items about things that happened in September because, well, it’s the month of September.

In 1986, Min. Farrakhan announced the beginning of the self-improvement study course during a lecture in Phoenix, Arizona. In attendance were Bro. Jabril Muhammad, Tynnetta Muhammad, Don Muhammad, members of the Chicano and American Indian communities.

“I have chosen for my subject, ‘Self-Improvement: The Basis For Community Development.’ Now, there are many, many developers who buy land and develop that land into communities, towns and cities; placing on this land magnificent structures costing hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars. . . . However, to those who spend those hundreds of millions and billions of dollars building structures; unless we build people; unless the human potential of people is developed; then man, in his underdeveloped state, will ultimately destroy the cities that he has built because of revolution and war,” said the insightful Minister.

Sparked from this lecture study guide materials were developed that focused on the process of Self-Improvement which is composed of Self-Examination, Self-Analysis and Self-Correction.


About Toure Muhammad

I help you breathe new life into your marketing and public relations efforts. I enjoy history, self improvement and business.
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