Self-improvement is the basis for community development

SEPTEMBER 21, 1986: Min. Farrakhan announced the beginning of the self-improvement course during a lecture in Phoenix, Arizona. In attendance were Bro. Jabril Muhammad, Tynnetta Muhammad, Don Muhammad, members of the Chicano and American Indian communities. “I have chosen for my subject, ‘Self-Improvement: The Basis For Community Development.’ Now, there are many, many developers who buy land and develop that land into communities, towns and cities; placing on this land magnificent structures costing hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars …. However, to those who spend those hundreds of millions and billions of dollars building structures; unless we build people; unless the human potential of people is developed; then man, in his underdeveloped state, will ultimately destroy the cities that he has built because of revolution and war,” said the insightful Minister.


About Toure Muhammad

I help you breathe new life into your marketing and public relations efforts. I enjoy history, self improvement and business.
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