Lots of NOI history happened in September

Final Call Administration Building

SEPTEMBER 12, 1982:

Sixty months of “wandering in the wilderness of North America,” being mocked and ridiculed for suffering from “homelessness” was rewarded this historical day. After five years of dedication to re-establishing the Nation of Islam, Min. Farrakhan dedicated this “small version of our Father’s house,”—The Final Call Administration Building located at 734 W. 79th Street in Chicago.

The building was dedicated to the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. “This building, The Final Call, is dedicated to life,” wrote Min. Farrakhan in The Final Call newspaper. Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam humbly thanked all those who took them in when they had no home. People who helped were Haki Madhubuti and the Institute for Positive Education; Rev. John Porter of Christ United Methodist Church (who even allowed Islam to be taught on Sundays side by side with his faith), Others were Dr. Charles Knox and the National Conference of Black Lawyers Community College of Law; Rev. Al Sampson of Fernwood United Methodist Church; Wali Siddiq and Pride Community Center; Dr. Don Bailey; Drs. Anderson Thompson and Conrad Worrill of the Center for Inner City Studies of Northeastern University, It was once a bank, but when the stock market died, the bank died. When the bank died, the funeral parlor was born. Then, purchased by Minister Farrakhan, who mortgaged his home to secure the building, renamed it the Final Call Administration Building.

“This is the Final Call. This means you as Black people in America are never going to hear the voice of another one from God ever again before this country and this world goes under the Judgment of Almighty God.” he said. Minister Farrakhan’s leadership allowed the Muslims to secure a home without any bloodshed. The trustworthy Minister bought all the paint and refused to accept any money from the Muslim community for the building’s purchase, because he wanted to show them he wasn’t no “damn thief,” he later explained. The Minister, immediately going to work in the building, launched a 52-week “Respect for Life” series of lectures in which the leader assured the people that if they pay attention, they would have absolutely a better life than they were having at present.


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